Floyd Douglas (1982)

His work resembles metropolitan art, captured in the blink of an eye. As if the canvas were a retina, it envisions the surrealist dreams of a young European, picturing modern perceptions of the way of today’s world. He transforms the modern metropolis into a concrete jungle by inviting primal animals to share the territory or unleashing the undiscovered animal in man.

His art is the reflection of upbringing and freedom of the digital era in arts and depicts the power of youth, courage and boundless opportunities. Floyd’s work enables the reality to be modeled, we see urban landscapes playfully toying with the content of life in the mist of colorfully contaminated air. It reminds us that we live in an era of ever increasing innovation and a light speed of life, which often displace the indigenous organics of humankind.

Floyd Douglas:

“The images I create come to me at moments of intense inspiration. I often awake with entire works presented so vividly in my mind that the only means to alleviate myself of this image is to make it tangible. After these years I have found that much of my inspiration is a product of the collective consciousness of today’s world. In some ways I would say that I am a channel which funnels the thoughts and the believes of the modern metropolis”